Because Pat hasn't approved that document. Again.

Easily create and manage automated contract and document reviews.

You get approval notices, with comments, from every approver!

Real-Time Updates

Make sure your approvers always have the latest version. With ApproveForMe, there's no need to worry about keeping track of versions and attachments.

Securely In The Cloud

ApproveForMe relies on Google Drive™ to store your documents. This ensures that you always have quick access to the documents you've already created. If your document isn't already on Google Drive™, it's a snap to upload a new one from your computer.

All Files Covered

Whether you're a business person, designer, or spreadsheet junkie, ApproveForMe supports all file types, including Office files, PDFs, images and more.

Works with GSuite Apps


Get quality, actionable feedback from clients so you can keep them happy.


Make sure founders stay on the same page to keep moving fast.


Get more done at work by reducing the number of back-and-forth emails.